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The main goal of the philanthropic association "St. Nicolas" is to help through its social services the children, the families and the old people, who live in Sibiu and its surroundings (taking into consideration the needs of this people, but also the possibilities of the association) and another purpose, is to support the religion and the human values.

The ideas that are fundamental for this association and its social services are:
- equal chances
- the freedom to chouse
- the independence and the personality of each person
- services that are of high quality, flexible and which correspond to the social needs of the people
- the transparence of the social services
- confidentiality
- the human dignity

Pr. Simion Sasaujan
Pr. Simion Sasaujan - General manager "St. Nicolas" Association

"St. Nicolas" Association
Valea Aurie 1, Sibiu
Iazului street nr. 7
postal code 550156

Phone(40)269-224.694  (40)269-224.694
Fax (40)0269-224.694  (40)269-224.694
Email  simion.sasaujan@yahoo.com